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Children In Care Council

Shaping the future of care in Bury

Stories and recollections

First day

The first day I came into care I was confused and I didn't know what is going to happen because I was 17. But now I find it helpful.

This was a good decision for me because I don't have any family in the UK.

I am proud of myself for everything I have done since I have been in care.

I didn't go to school but at the time I came into care I have been sent to college to do ESOL, numeracy and ICT. At this time I couldn't speak English or write. It was sad and hard but now I can speak, listen, communicate and write as well. I chose my first course and now I am on the second course.

I have already made more friends and I am very excited for the help I get. Coming into care made me a sociable person.

How I feel about being in care

  • Love it
  • Saved from being a scruff / criminal
  • Feel part of the family
  • Better lifestyle
  • Not as many fight
  • Get all the things I dreamed about as a kid
  • Feel looked after
  • Made better friends
  • Don't get in as much trouble at school.