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Children In Care Council

Shaping the future of care in Bury

What we do

The Children in Care Council is made up of children and young people aged 11 - 18,  in care who are or have been previously looked after by Bury Social Care. Every member contributes their own views and ideas to the Children in Care Council and are involved in making important decisions that affect themselves and other children and young people in care.

We usually meet twice a month, on the second and fourth Friday of the month, dates are regularly updated on our Facebook page.

We have contributed to consultations about what it is like being in care and what would make things better, including recently discussions about support in school. We have updated the Bury Children in Care's Promise and this will be displayed all around Council buildings. We are currently planning an exciting new project and anyone who is interested please contact us. All good ideas are most welcome!

Some members participate in important Bury Council work such as delivering training to staff and running young people's interview panel. Vouchers are given to all members who have an active role in supporting the work of Bury Children's Services.

CICC members enjoy attending the CICC meetings and get the chance to develop their skills and gain new experiences, as well as making a change for themselves and other children and young people in care. Reward trips are arranged for all regular members.

Come along and see what we do!