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CiCC trip to the donkey sanctuary

Dkny 1 Dkny 4

On Wednesday 1st of August our young people from CiCC set out on a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary, Manchester.

This was a reward trip for our young people who attend CiCC. The Donkey Sanctuary offers Donkey Assisted Therapy sessions for our young people who have expressed an interest in getting a greater understanding of mental health so they can raise awareness on these topics in Bury.

Our young people arrived at the Sanctuary and was introduced to some of the keepers there. They were then taken into the training area where the donkeys are trained and were given a 20 minute presentation on the donkeys. They were told about sad and neglected donkeys that were rescued by them and how they had helped them recover and become the happy friendly donkeys that we all saw.

They were told about the different movements of donkeys, when its okay to approach them and when they are annoyed or even when they are tired. The young people were told about the different things/jobs donkeys are used for all around the world and they were shown where the other rescue centres for donkeys are around the world.

The donkeys seemed to be enjoying our presence as they kept trying to escape from the ring they were kept in, the young people loved it.Dkny 3

Once the presentation was over the young people got a chance to groom four of the twenty donkeys that were at the sanctuary. All of our young people got involved some brushing their coats, some cleaning their hooves and some just having general cuddles with the donkeys. One or two were a bit stroppy at first as they were waiting for their food, but once fed they became very lively and the young people really enjoyed it.

Once all the donkeys were clean our young people went outside to meet the rest of the donkeys at the sanctuary,all were different shapes, sizes and colours and the young people were just mesmerised at how cool they were.

The sanctuary staff explained how people can take donkeys from the sanctuary so they can then take care of them at home, but if a donkeys is chosen that has a partner (a partner would be the donkey's best friend) you would have to take both the donkeys as it could do damage to both of the donkey. It almost seems like losing a best friend like all people do, but the donkeys partner for life.Dkny 2

When the young people finished with the donkeys they all went back inside to enjoy some ice creams, crisps and drinks.

We then left the Donkey Sanctuary and went for a game of bowling in Bury at The Rock, we had two teams of five and our young people really enjoyed the competition. They are all very competitive. We had one game of bowling and then went for tea.Bowling

Our young people chose to eat at Frankie & Bennies, also on The Rock. Each young person tucked into their mains some having pizza and some have burgers. The really good part was the big plates of dessert the waiters brought out filled with brownies and ice cream and others with waffles. Its safe to say our young people had full tummy's when they left us.

All in all our young people really enjoyed their day and although it was a reward they have come away with a lot of knowledge to share with others.