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Children In Care Council

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Since December 2018 in the past few CiCC sessions, our young people have been joined by a service called BOOM BOX who are a service connected to the Greater Manchester Youth Network.

Boom Box helps young people express themselves and their talents through music and during the sessions our young people wrote a song or part of a song which shows their life in care. Our young people not only took it upon themselves to write their songs, some of them even performed in front of the rest of the group.

Using feelings,emotions and real life experiences of care our young people have expressed their many talents and shown so much confidence throughout the sessions.

The Event

On Thursday 7th February our young people attended BOOM BOX Live Event in Manchester. This was a celebration of young people in care. They also had the opportunity to perform their songs live in front of other young people in care at the event. This was a chance for our young people to be celebrated and for them to meet other young people in care with similar experiences to them, and help their confidence grow event more.

We travelled into Manchester by Metrolink and then walked down to Oldham Street where the event took place, some of our young people had never been to Manchester before so it was great to share this experience with them.

When we arrived our young people had some time to practise and have something to eat with cakes, crisps and biscuits being set out for them. At 5:00pm each of young people took it in turns to stand up as individuals or in their groups to perform in front of other young people in care and GMYN staff, they all did brilliant and sounded amazing.

Once they had each performed we watched other young people, one played us a song on the piano with a guitar playing a light tune in the background and then we had a amazing  ten minute DJ set from a young man who had created the music himself.

The event finished at around 6:00pm and it was time o go home, each of our young people thanked Boom Box for their services and support and we head back to the metrolink.Our young people really enjoyed the event and each say they would do it again. They thank GMYN and Boom Box for helping them reveal their amazing talents and for helping build their confidence.