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CiCC Newsletters

Here is where you can read our CiCC newsletters.

Our first shows what our young people have been getting up to from May 2018 - August 2018

The next newsletter will be on for you to see in December.

This shows all the different activities our CiCC members have been taking part in and some projects they have been working on.

CiCC Quarterly NewsletterCiCC logo

In this news letter you will find out about:

  • Lesley Davidson and Mindfulness
  • Katie Musgrove and the art project
  • CiCC Changes
  • CiCC thank you post cards
  • CiCC business cards
  • Trip to the Donkey Sanctuary

Lesley Davidson and MindfulnessMindfulness

On Friday 11th May Lesley Davidson came to CiCC.

She came to show our young people different mindfulness techniques to help them through life if they needed it. She used two different activities which were peripheral vision and meditation, our young people really enjoyed this session but found the peripheral vision activity a little awkward. The meditation activity really calmed our young people. Lesley brought some comfy blankets for our young people to wrap up in and meditate, even some of the Children' Rights staff enjoyed the meditation.

The purpose of this activity was to help our young people de stress when it comes to tricky situations at home, in school or even our in public. Our young people should be able to feel confident no matter where they are and this session really helped our young people to understand.

Katie Musgrove and the Art Project

On Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st of May our young people set out to create something big. Katie Musgrove who is a artist from Bury came to meet with our young people to complete an art project with the focus being "what is important to children and young people in care in Bury".

This project was to be individual to each young person. Starting with a wooden jigsaw puzzle shape of Bury, the young people designed an individual piece each that meant something to themselves. A few months ago the young people took part in a photo project around Bury taking pictures of what buildings/places are important to them.

Using the photos taken the young people designed and individual piece of the jigsaw that will be hung in the town hall, so feel free to go have a look when the piece has been hung.

Our young people had a range of different crafts stuff to complete their piece and got stuck in.

During this session the young people had a discussion about how they can make future CiCC sessions run smoothly even giving some ideas on what future activities they would like to see at CiCC.

Children in Care Council Changes

Our young people have been working on how they can make the Children in care council better for them.

They have recently told us that they would like to plan each session themselves. They decided they need 15 minutes at the end of each session to plan the next. The young people want a specific topic for each session this could be placement, education or contact.

They have also told us they want to be consulted on what professionals want to attend CiCC and what they are coming to talk about, there they can then decide if they think it would be worthwhile for them. They have also came up with the idea of having a chair and vice chair for each meeting, they will then be the ones who write the minutes for the session but they are also the ones making decisions and watching over the group. These will be chosen at the end of each session.

CiCC Thank You Post Cards and Business CardsBusiness Cards

The Children in Care Council have devised a post card which they would like to give professionals who they feel have helped them through problems or obstacles they have faced. Our young people feel as though Social Workers, IRO's, Family Support Workers etc. dont get the acknowledgement that they sometimes deserve, and came up with this idea to show that they are thankful and do appreciate the things they have done for them. We all know someone who does not get the acknowledgment they deserve so they young people decided to do something about this.

Our young people have also decided that they wanted to produce business cards to promote CiCC and young people voices. One of our young people who attend CiCC didn't know about the children in care council or the work that we do. Upon having a LAC review at St Mary's Place he discovered the many different pieces of art work some of our other young people have produced while attending the children in care council. It was then that he asked his social worker about us and what we do. That young person then started to attend CiCC and told everyone how he felt about the children in care council not being promoted enough, he then came up with the idea to produce business cards. He wanted out slogan to be "making small voices heard" which everyone in the group loved and agreed with.

We set out in our of our sessions with ideas of what will be on the business cards, im sure you will see the finished result handed around.

CiCC Trip to the Donkey SanctuaryDonkey News

On Wednesday 1st August our young people from CiCC set out on a trip to the Donkey Sanctuary. This was a reward trip for our young people of CiCC. The Donkey Sanctuary offers Donkey Assisted Therapy Sessions for our young people who have expressed an interest in getting a greater understanding of mental health so they can raise awareness on these topics in Bury. Our young people arrived at the sanctuary and were introduced to some of the keepers there. They were then taken into the area where the donkeys are trained and were given a 20 minute presentation on the donkeys. They were told about the sad neglected donkeys that were rescued by them and how they had helped them recover and become the happy, friendly donkeys that we all saw. They were told about the different movements of donkeys, when it is okay to approach them and when they are annoyed or even when they are tired. Our young people were told about the different things/jobs donkeys are used for all around the world and they were shown where the rescue centres for the donkeys are around the world.

The donkeys seemed to be enjoying our presence as they kept trying to escape from the ring they were kept in, the young people loved it. Once the presentation was over the young people got a chance to groom four of the twenty donkeys that were at the sanctuary. All of our young people got involved some brushing their coats, some cleaning their hooves and some just having general cuddles with the donkeys. One or two were a bit stroppy at first as they were waiting for their food, once fed they became very lively and the young people really enjoyed it.

Once the donkeys were clean our young people went outside to meet the rest of the donkeys at the sanctuary, all were different shapes, sizes and colours and the young people were just mesmerized at how cool they were.

The sanctuary staff explained how people can take donkeys from the sanctuary to live with them at their home, so long as they have the right space and shelter for donkeys, but if a donkey was chosen that had a partner (a partner would be the donkeys best friend) you would have to take both of them as it could do damage separating the two. It almost seems like losing a best friend like all people do, but the donkeys partner for life.Donkey News 2

When our young people finished with the donkeys they all went inside to enjoy some ice creams, crisps and drinks.

We then left the Donkey Sanctuary and went for a game of bowling in Bury at The Rock, we had two teams of five and our young people really enjoyed the competition. They are all very competitive. We had one game of bowling then went for tea. Our young people chose to eat at Frankie & Bennies, also on The Rock. Each young person tucked into their mains some having pizza, some having burgers. The really good part was the big plates of dessert the waiters brought out filled with brownies and ice cream and others with waffles. Its safe to say our young people had full tummy' when they left us.

All in all our young people really enjoyed their day and although it was a reward, they have come away with a lot of knowledge to share with others.


CiCC Residential

On Tuesday 21st September 11 of our young people who attend the children in care council set out on a residential to the Lake District. This was funded by the Greater Manchester combined authority for YPA (young peoples association).

On the first day of the residential our young people went Keswick where they each had lunch and then took part in the first activity which was Ghyll Scrambling. Our young people each had to wear a wetsuit and descend up a mountain to get to the top of the stream, they then had to make there way back down... To get to the bottom they had to be follow Residential ResidentiaL the stream downwards which included slides, dives and even jumping/sliding down waterfalls. All of our young people were buzzing with adrenaline by time they had completed it, each of them told us they would like to do it again.

Once finished with the Ghylle Scrambling our young people dryed of got dressed and headed to our accommodation, which was the Bury Jubilee Hostel in Glenridding. Upon arrival tea was ready, al of our young people sat round the table and enjoyed meat and potato pie/cheese and onion pie, roast potatoes, vegetables and gravy.

After everyone had finished tea and rested we went out on a walk around the Hostel, we created a treasure hunt for our young people to complete, they had to find different objects around the area some being certain trees, rocks or even sheep. Our young people really enjoyed this.

After a long day our young people were knackard so we turn the lounge area into a cinema and watch the greatest showman with hot chocolate, we only got half way through the film as all of our young people were to tired and headed up to bed.

The next day when our young people woke, they came for breakfast sausage/bacon sandwiches or cereals, they each had to make their own packed lunch for the day ahead as we had a full day of activities planned. We arrived at Glenridding Sailing Centre, which was about a five minute drive from our accommodation.

Again each of our young people had to put on wetsuits as the first activity was Kayaking, our young people were in two teams and had to race each other around the edge of the lake. Some of our young people found this quite hard as they were using muscles that some had never used before and it was a long way to go. Once the race was over they got out to stretch their legs and played a game with the instructor using their paddles. They then had to come all the way back.

Once they were back they had a game of water ball, their would be 3 balls and our young people would have to race to get the ball and try and shoot in the instructors boat, it was really not as easy as it sounds!

It was then time for lunch and our young people sat down and ate their packed lunch they had all made that morning. The afternoon activity was raft building, our young people had to use all of their communication skills to complete this activity as their was no instructors helping. Our young people took this activity into their stride and it didn't take them long to complete it. They all took part in it and there was no one left short of something to do. It was great seeing them all working as a great team!!

Residential Cliff The raft was complete and they took it out on the water, the instructor couldn't believe it when they had it on the water and it floated with all 11 of our young people on it, they Residential could even paddle. The instructor said they were one of the best groups he has had.

As a reward for being good during the day the instructors asked our young people if any of them wanted to do cliff jumping eager to try some of our young people said yes, others were a little hesitant. We made our way over to the other side of the lake to where the cliff was, it was amazing. All of our young people took part even if they were a little anxious in the beginning.

We then got dryed off, dressed and headed back to the hostel for tea which was chicken curry or a vegetarian chilli con carne. We then went on another walk up the hills heading to hellvellyn .

It was then time to settle down in our very own little cinema room again, we watched the rest of the film, had more hot chocolate and headed off to bed.

The next morning we were due to leave, our young people were up early for breakfast and then had to go pack all of their bags ready to leave. We gave out two rewards, all of our young people were brilliant and did amazingly but two of our young people really shon while on the residential. You know who you are.

On our way back we stopped of at the services to treat our young people one last time to sweets. We then all headed home.

This trip enabled our young people to bond more with each other, develop future ideas for CiCC. It also helped build their confidence to put forward their ideas, whilst also considering what is working well in Bury using the CiCC action plan as a new focus.