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Heaton Park - Party in the Park

Outdoor activities

"Party in the Park" - 2018

What would you like to do this year???

Please get in touch with us with your suggestions. Read below about what we did last year. 

34 children and young people who are in care or are care leavers, along with staff from Bury Children's Rights and the Children in Care Team, had a brilliant happy day in Heaton Park on one of our few sunny days in August.

Games and activities were quite wide ranging. Everyone enjoyed nonstop cricket as a warm up - what a lot of running around! The older ones then played "British Bull Dog" and "Dodge Ball" whilst the younger ones did some sports day type activities with sack and egg and spoon races plus lots of fun unusual races (spinning, running backwards, rolling, star jumps etc.). A big highlight was taking in turns to start the races using a whistle. Football and other ball games continued for most of the day. 

Most of the children young people took part in a treasure hunt around the park, looking for Heaton Hall, the band stand, a squirrel, a peacock, a statue of a lion etc., but the sticking point was finding highland cattle, usually easily spotted, but were certainly hiding on this day! The children enjoyed taking photos to prove they had found the specified items on their list. The first team was back to base within about 40 minutes, which is certainly good going!
For some, quieter activities were the preferred option of the day. Decorating biscuits with icing and sweets was very popular, along with playing giant dominoes. A number had competitions to see who could keep a hoop spinning round their waists and hips. One girl was absolutely amazing (she will know who she is when she reads this!).

All enjoyed having time to chat and play, catching up with their old friendships as well as making new friends. Lots of giggles, chats, running about - it was lovely to see. We made enormous amounts of picnic food, and other than some bananas, everything was eaten.  We will be planning future events and we are sure that the members of the Children in Care Council will have lots of great ideas.

Sandwich Highland cattle Peacock