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Children In Care Council

Shaping the future of care in Bury


When I came into care

I was just five,
They pulled up in my drive,
My feelings I can't hide,
I felt so deprived.

They came up to the door,
Around half past four,
Filled with pain,
As it started to rain.

It rained with fear,
A single tear,
I started to hear,
Women were here.

They were new faces.

At home

It has been almost 11 years,
I have shed a few tears,
But now I'm at home,
I no longer feel alone.

I have now found my place,
Negatives have been erased,
And I am finally finding my way.

Away from the fear,
No need to hear,
All the pain in my heart,
The happiness can now start.

I have been in this place for a while now,
I am a happy child, I don't want to leave,
They keep me safe,
They keep me warm and now I can say,
I finally feel at home.

They moved me to two different places,
I was confused,
My feelings were misused.

I was un-amused,
With the people who disapproved,
They took me away from my mum,
And now I have no fun.

I am happy where I am

I was in my class,
And I was called out,
I didn't know what
It was about.

So I followed my teacher,
To her room,
I felt so scared,
I wanted to go home.

I went to my first foster home...
It didn't work out,
So I had to go to a new placement
And I am still there a year and a half later.

I am happy where I am.

Alone (written by Rhiannon)

Seeing their faces,
Unfamiliar, strange faces,
Coming through those school gates,
With a big, black briefcase in one hand.

I felt young, vulnerable,
Anxious and worried,
What would happen next
I wondered...

We pulled up at a strange house,
It was dark, rainy
And I was feeling on edge.

I didn't want to go in,
I was scared and afraid of
What was happening next.

It felt homely at first,
Full of happiness and warmth.

I was there for a few weeks more,
Things started to change,
I didn't feel at home anymore,
Treated differently,